Enabling user-centric, intelligent, predictable &
accelerated quality while balancing costs
 NLP based User Story Validation
NLP based User Story Validation

Automatic identification of User story anomalies using AI techniques to cut down feedback cycle time

Augmented Developer Test
Augmented Developer Test

Auto-generation of Unit test cases coupled with impact analyzer reports to ensure high levels of code quality

Democratized Automation
Democratized Automation

Flexibility to automate End-End user journeys across heterogeneous technologies using scripted and scriptless protocols

Test Data Bots
Test Data Bots

Self Service synthetic data provisioning using Bots and domain-centric pre-fabricated data packs to minimize dependency on centralized teams

Intelligent Workload Manager
Intelligent Workload Manager

Massive parallel & distributed test executions leveraging docker containers to accelerate test velocity by 1.5x

Self-Healing Automation
Self-Healing Automation

AI-enabled self-healing engine with abilities to perform impact analysis and carry out automatic fixes to reduce maintenance efforts

Continuous Quality Monitoring
Continuous Quality Monitoring

AI-based application monitoring, usage pattern, and feedback analysis to improve quality & availability of applications

Analytics & Insights
Analytics & Insights

Centralized dashboard encompassing quality footprint at every step to monitor and identify risk and take proactive recourses

Explore UST NoSkript™

UST NoSkript™ is a Next-Gen Quality Engineering and application certification platform designed for digital enterprises to bring agility and end-user centricity into the software engineering process. Combined with multi-layered analytics and AI algorithms, the platform amplifies the capabilities of multiple QE solutions, tools, and frameworks to support continuous quality injection. The enterprise-class cloud-native platform blends the power of NLP, deep learning, and AI technologies to optimize testing. The digital analytics hub provides pre-built integrations with industry tools to overlay information from multiple data sources across the enterprise and drive intelligent QE.

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Siloed implementations of tools across the IT landscape
cannot help accelerate release cycles

NoSkript is designed for organizations looking to adopt a platform-centric approach for

360-degree application certification and delivering insights into release quality.

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Plug-and play architecture with pre-built integrations with leading industry tools

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Accelerated DevOps implementation through stage-gating and pre-configured workflows and thresholds

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360-degree automated application certification through support for multiple testing types

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Multi-layered quality insights for visibility into enterprise quality for CXO's to project stakeholders

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Maximize testing and automation investments through reuse across heterogeneous channels

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Enhances consumer experience by validating business process across multiple digital channels

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UST iSkript
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Enterprise Quality Insights
Integrated platform-centric approach for 360-degree application
certification delivering insights into release quality
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